The Creation

of a thousand forests starts from

one Seed

is to guide you to grow that seed

More than numbers; enduring development

The roots of every foundation are its promise for the future. At Eurocapital Partners we build a fertile relationship of trust with you on solid ground. We hold the knowledge, expertise, experience, and values to pursue not just profits but to aim at the optimal growth of your portfolio, establishing expansion, and endurance. Our firm offers personalized services as a multiplier and a catalyst so that you can achieve your goals at the best possible time, in the best possible way, with the best possible outcome. For a seed is not only an investment; it is the vision of a better future.

History defines us

For over 25 years, we have proven to be a reliable partner in times and markets full of challenges. Starting in 1997, we have seized every opportunity to accomplish success while facing every dilemma with a set of unwavering principles. Time is a testament to our decisive qualities.

A path of values and high standards

Ethos, a high sense of responsibility, and loyalty are the common ideals that our team of talented professionals shares. We pride ourselves in the high-quality services that we provide with empathy to your needs, always following strict protocols of confidentiality and disclosure. Our paramount values are the compass that leads us and how we stand out.

Our method brings trust and results

We approach each of your needs and wishes, uniquely. We identify your goals and we work hard to ensure that the best tools are applied to achieve a lasting result. Through strategic partnerships, our committed associates will guide you with patience to where you want to be. And then further.

by excellent professionals

A new beginning of success

Take a bold and safe leap to a new era. Whether you are interested in the Greek market, international markets, bonds, or mutual funds, we can provide top-notch advice to make a complicated world completely approachable. It is our commitment as your credible partner to explore the full potential of your investments.

You matter

Investing is a journey worth taking. Every step of the way, we are always next to you in the holistic way that you need us. Based on your personalized investment profile, we provide comprehensive support with a broad spectrum of services and digitalized options according to what works best for you.

Focus on the detail

Starting from thoroughly understanding your ambitions, we perform extensive research to identify and evaluate the most suitable opportunities for you. Our sole purpose is to maximize the return of your investments and make your seeds grow into your wishes.





Passion, experience, integrity
& the colors of the future are reflected in our team

Maria Arvanitopoulou

Chairperson & CEO

With in-depth knowledge and vast experience in economics, trading, business administration, and marketing, Maria Arvanitopoulou holds leading and competitive positions in the financial market since 1991. One of her precious abilities is to distinguish between opportunity and needless risk. She is a sharp analyst and an effective problem-solver. Her work is her passion. Integrity is what she values the most. She has been a board member of the Commercial and Industrial Chamber of Athens for over 10 years.

Dr. Haris Lambropoulos

Vice chairperson

During his stellar career, Haris Lambropoulos has held key positions on the highest level in both the public and private sector. Having been a principal consultant of the World Bank and the head consultant of the Athens Startup Incubator proves his perceptivity. He is currently the secretary-general of the Hellenic Commission for the International Chamber of Commerce and a professor of economics and human resources at the University of Patras.

Thanos Markantonis

Director General | Partner

Cutting-edge economist Thanos Markantonis has been in the Greek capital market for more than 35 years. He is experienced in digital trading and platforms through every possible position of responsibility in the banking and stock market hierarchy. However, he is not resting on his proven laurels. He holds the vice-presidency at the non-profit group for Artificial Intelligence AI Catalyst, and he is an active ally of the Athens start-up scene. The speed and accuracy with which he recognizes progress create windows of opportunity that he opens.

Athanasios Tzikas

Investment Advisor

For more than 24 years, Athanasios Tzikas has been working in the stock market and banking sector, in significant financial institutions of Greece. He holds several certifications that allow him to be flexible and fast in any investing environment. His digital skills are also an asset. He believes in constant learning, and his record of success proves his capabilities under any circumstances.

Alexandros Topaloglou

internal Auditor

Whether it is international or Greek accounting standards, economic analysis, taxes or the management of banking and trading companies, Alexandros Topaglou knows his field. His experience starts in 1990, and he is a highly certified accountant, with valuable experience in several major firms in Greece. His ability to simplify the complex world of finances, even in the most challenging situations, is a bonus.

Anna Alexandri

Client Support

Having been an executive in the demanding advertising industry for over 23 years, Anna Alexandri now implements daily the holistic client support that Eurocapital Partners are committed to providing. During her career in the marketing/pr sector, she worked as an account director for some of Greece’s biggest companies. She offers meaningful insight regarding image management and brand strategy, and she is a capable ally in any situation.

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We will be more than happy to explore with you the optimal possibilities for the development of your investment. At Eurocapital Partners, every financial endeavor begins by building a relationship of trust. Get in touch with us to experience the impeccable services that we will offer to you.
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